Sourcing Our Beans:  We work closely with our cacao suppliers who directly source the finest ethically grown and produced cacao beans.

Roasting:  Each bean origin has its own unique flavor profile.  We roast each origin to ensure its flavor will be developed to its fullest for your enjoyment.


Cracking and Winnowing:  After cooling, we carefully crack the beans to remove the shells from the Nibs; the shells are donated to community gardens.

Conching:  The Nibs are poured into the conch where they are ground by granite wheels. The conching process further develops the flavor and produces the luscious mouth feel of our chocolate.  

We then age the chocolate according to bean origin until ITS time.

Tempering:  This process creates the "sheen" and "snap" that is so important when eating a chocolate bar. 

Time to Enjoy:  Each bar is placed in a compostable cello inner wrapper,  heat sealed, then placed into our uniquely designed box; please recycle.

Bean to Bar - Our method